Monday, February 7, 2011


It's a great irony of modern times that you really have to love a band that constantly tells you not to listen to them. It is, after all, immensely better than a band begging you to listen to them via that Myspace thing or being told by dumbass writers, bullshit radio personalities, or whatever, that "This band is saving rock and roll!".

Pacifist is not going to save rock and roll. They are a grindy sort of chaos band from New Orleans that promises to combine "precise musicianship with chaotic physical feats", which is awesome. And, technically they are amazing, but Pacifist didn't seem too interested in talking to me about Pacifist for this story, which is fine, because I really dislike doing interviews anyway, and, they were to busy corrupting the Southern part of the US on tour so it's probably best that I just offer up some of their music for anyone reading this to judge for him/her self whether the band is all precise with their musicianship or chaotic with their physical feats. This song is called "Happiness" which is from the EP Everybody Loves Fun. I asked the band what the strange, long, pink object the vocalist is seen holding in the video is and they replied thusly:

"A dildo. Lol! We tried to be as silly as possible as opposed to other bands trying to be tough."

I'll admit that I tried a gimmick with this band - I asked if we could do a fake interview with me acting as an ultra-conservative journalist asking them questions, hoping to get some vile responses. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but Pacifist didn't share my amusement. Here are their answers to those questions.

The Point: How often do you pray?

Pacifist: We don't.

The Point: What is your favorite passage from The Bible?

Pacifist: Don't have one.

The Point: How does the message of Jesus fit into the message you send in your lyrics and what message are you trying to send the children of the world?

Pacifist: JUST PARTY!!!!

The Point: What do your parents think of your music?

Pacifist: Our parents hate our music. They think we suck!

Personally, I don't think that the music Pacifist has produced sucks, but I will leave it up to you to judge for yourself.

Pacifist is currently touring through the Midwest but they'll surely make their way to your neighborhood sooner or later. If, like me, you're in Kansas, they'll be here on February 18, with a Bad Religion tribute band called No Control that I hear is fucking awesome.Lock up your daughters and your dogs.

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