Sunday, May 16, 2010


Too cheap to buy
music? Too afriad to steal it? Check out these artists that offer their stuff for
free online...

We're Late For Class, A Hundred on the Hyena, Self Released, 2010
We're Late for Class is a Massachusets based, drug fueled, prog-jazz acid fusion getup that has released over forty seven albums in just a few years. They are signed to no label, have a rotating cast of twelve contributors, and give all of their music away for free on their website. Here's how the band describes their stuff:
'You’re invited to experience something the remainder of the planet will never, ever hear. Something that, by all rights, shouldn't even exist... (We are) Noisemakers who don’t want your money. Improvisers with no ulterior motive for fame. Layabouts lacking the secret desire for padded riders filled with quarts of Jack, spare tube socks and roast beef heavy backstage deli trays A gang of pot smoking, acid dropping, ecstasy driven misfits who do this just because we do." - Coop

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  1. Thr Screamin Mee Mees can't claim to have quaility over quantity here or that we don't want your money (we do) but we do share some of this groups rational.