Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top 5... Albums

My Top 5: Albums
by Jack Partain
Of all the "bums", albums tend to be a musicians second favorite, but most interesting.And since they all love talking about themselves so much, each month we ask a local musician to give us his/her top 5. Oh, and yes, High Fidelity is our favorite movie of all time.
This month we asked Maxwell Fredrickson, guitarist and vocalist of Topeka based good-vibers Shunga Nunga...

"I don't really listen to albums as a fan of live improvisational music, but if I was forced to listen to them, I would pick, in no particular order:
John Scofield and Mede-ski Martin and Wood, A Go Go, A Go Go, Verve Records, 1997
Sublime, 40 Oz. to Freedom, Skunk Records, 1992
Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks, Columbia Records, 1975
Paul Simon, Graceland, Warner Bros Records, 1986
Outkast, Aquemini, La-Face Records, 1998

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